Christmas Eve
Release on 2017-12-23Christmas Eve Today is Dec 23th,2017(Beijing Time) ,and Christmas Day(Dec 25th,2017 ) will be coming.It is a very grand festival,Similar to C...Read More
The Winter Solstice Festival
Release on 2017-12-22The Winter Solstice Festival Today is Dec 22th,2017(Beijing Time) ,also is The Winter Solstice Festival in China.There was a saying that went in a...Read More
China’s Xiaomi focuses on India with $1bn investment
Release on 2017-12-01Chinese telecoms group Xiaomi will prioritise India over its home market and invest $1bn in the country’s start-ups as it looks to accelerate growth ...Read More
KFC launches limited edition smartphone and it comes with free fried chicken
Release on 2017-12-01KFC launches limited edition smartphone and it comes with free fried chicken Fans of fried chicken and smartphones, rejoice! KFC has unveiled a new 5....Read More
67 new emojis to better express yourself in 2018 How many poop emojis does one really need in life
Release on 2017-12-01Unicode Consortium thinks you need more than just one. The non-profit group which sets global standards for emojis announced Thursday a set of 67 emoj...Read More
11st.Nov. Singles Day Set To Kick Off In China, Sales Expected Hit To $24 Billion,Will Achieve A L
Release on 2017-11-11   Do guys know how the day (11st.Nov.Singles Day) originated, it just originally was supposed to be a day for lonely hearts in China.But then Alib...Read More
Popularize the knowledge of wireless charging.
Release on 2017-10-27Popularize the knowledge of wireless charging. You want to know about the iPhone 8 wireless charging problem,as follow. The iPhone 8 / X applies the ...Read More
iPhone 8 will be sold from 64GB ! Read it to know more about iPhone8 ?
Release on 2017-07-05iPhone 8 as the strongest mobile phone in 2017, thats why almost everyone were concerned about the iPhone8 when it is released, according to iPhone8 l...Read More